Other Products

Lemon Drizzle Cake                                                
Moist Lemon Sponge made with fresh lemon juice glazed with a feathered lemon icing
(df) / (gf) / (ef) / (v)

Chocolate & Raspberry Ganache Sponge (new)                           
Chocolate Sponge laced with fresh raspberries topped with dark chocolate ganache
(df) / (gf) / (ef) / (v)

Dark Chocolate Brownie                                     
Rich American style chocolate brownie topped with a chocolate square – rectangle shape
(gf) / (v)

White Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Chips                     
Rich American style white chocolate brownie with dark chocolate chips
(gf) / (v)

Sticky Toffee Pudding                             
Sticky toffee pudding made with real dates and cinnamon (in an aluminium foil – to be removed prior to serving)
(gf) / (v)

Apricot Treacle Pudding (new) (gf) / (v)             
Treacle sponge  pudding  made with real apricots and golden syrup (in an aluminium foil – to be removed)


Summer Pudding “Torte”                                               
Mixed Summer Berries in Blackcurrant & Strawberry Jelly, layered with bread & topped with fresh berries

Vanilla Pod Panna Cotta                                                 
Classic Italian style dessert made with Vanilla Pods (presented in an aluminium foil – to be removed prior to serving)

“Apple Tart Tatin”  (v)                                          
Sliced Fresh Apple in Caramel baked upside down with puff pastry in an aluminium dish. Recommend  to warm in the foil before turning out on to plate.

Vanilla Crème Brulee* (v) (Ramekin)                                 
Classic Vanilla Brulee served in a ceramic ramekin (caramelise prior to serving)

Crème Brulee – Flavoured* (v)  (Ramekin)         
Classic Brulee with a choice of flavouring served in a ceramic ramekin (caramelise prior to serving)
Available flavours: Fresh Raspberry, Orange & Coffee

Sherry & Fresh Berry Trifle* (v)  (Ramekin)       
Classic Trifle made with a base of mixed berries in raspberry puree,
soaked sponge, crème patissiere, topped with whipped fresh cream and fresh berries

*Crème Brulee & Individual Trifle are supplied in a ceramic ramekin, a £1.75 deposit is charged, which is fully refunded upon their return clean




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