Health, Safety & Quality Policy Statement

  1. Montmartre Patisserie ensures that all aspects of Quality, Health & Safety are fully documented and are fully compliant with all aspects of Health & Safety and Hygiene regulations.
  2. Montmartre Patisserie will ensure that all work practices are fully compliant with all relevant legal issues. Updates will be received from the HCIMA and the Institute for Small Businesses and procedures will be adjusted immediately to take into account any changes in legislation
  3. Montmartre Patisserie ensures that all staff are fully trained to the company’s Quality, Health & Safety standards and are supervised to maintain these standards at all times.
  4. Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points are clearly displayed in full view of staff in the production areas.
  5. Wherever necessary, management & staff will be booked on relevant Hygiene Training courses, and subscribe to the necessary organisations, to ensure that Montmartre Patisserie keeps ahead of all Hygiene related issues
  6. Montmartre Patisserie engages the services of a recognised Inspection Consultancy Company (CMI Total Legal Compliance) to conduct an annual audit of all Quality procedures. A full report is produced for management to act upon wherever necessary. The CMi Inspection is accredited to EN45004 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Montmartre Patisserie is currently audited at the Higher Level of certification.
  7. Montmartre Patisserie liases with clients to which the company supplies products, as and when necessary to advise them of the company’s policies and standards with regards to Quality, Health, Safety & Hygiene.
  8. Montmartre Patisserie ensures that all deliveries are supplied by refrigerated vehicles with temperatures controlled between 3 – 7 degrees celcius.
  9. Products from Montmartre Patisserie may contain traces of nuts and wheat (gluten) and are not suitable for persons suffering from food allergies.



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